What Is Vision Forum?

***Update: Vision Forum founder and president Doug Phillips has admitted to an extramarital affair and has resigned his position as head of Vision Forum Ministries. In response, the Board of Vision Forum Ministries has decided to close the ministry down. However, Vision Forum Inc., the commercial wing of the operation, is still operating, with Doug Phillips at its helm. The blog section of this website is being updated with new articles on this subject.*** 

Vision Forum is an evangelical Christian organization based in San Antonio, Texas. It has two branches, Vision Forum Ministries, which is a nonprofit, and Vision Forum, Inc., which is the commercial wing of the operation.

Vision Forum has been swiftly gaining influence in Christian homeschool circles over the past decade. Vision Forum booths and speakers can be found at any major Christian homeschool convention, and the organization has built networks across the Christian homeschool world.

Vision Forum is a major advocate of Biblical Patriarchy. This ideology includes the belief that there are God ordained distinct gender roles and that man was created first and woman’s creation was secondary. It holds that patriarchy is the divine family order ordained by God itself. The husband and father is the head of the household, family leader, provider, and protector; the wife and mother, created to be a helper to her husband, is a bearer of children and a “keeper at home,”  remaining in her God-ordained and proper sphere of dominion for a wife, the the home; and the children are to remain obedient to their parents, even as adults. Children are to marry through a process of courtship guided at every step by their parents, and unmarried adult daughters are to remain under their fathers’ authority and in their fathers’ homes. This patriarchal family order is held to be divine and God ordained; stepping outside of it is held to be rejecting God’s will and listening to the lies of “the world.”

The patriarchal family order is seen as key to fixing our society, the family, and the world, and as crucial to bringing about the coming kingdom of God here on earth. Vision Forum subscribes to dominionism, which is the belief that God has called Christians to take over society, mass culture, and government, bringing them into line with God’s law and essentially instituting a theocracy and a hierarchical and ordered society.

The Problem We See with Vision Forum

We believe that Vision Forum’s teachings are neither Biblical nor healthy, and that Vision Forum offers only the allure of the “godly family.”

This website is a hub for information on the problems with Vision Forum and its teachings, and the damages these teachings cause. In addition to generating original content, this website will pull together articles from a variety of different locations across the internet, with links listed under the pages tabs. Some articles from elsewhere will also be republished here. The goal is to pull together information from a variety of sources on the problems with Vision Forum for all to see. We have a variety of different beliefs, but we are united in exposing the dirty underbelly of the perfect Vision Forum image.

Vision Forum, Idol, Godly FamilyFirst, Vision Forum elevates the family to the position of an idol. Yes, the family is important, very important, but we believe Jesus came to save people as individuals, not family units. We believe God forms relationships with people individually, not simply through their families. Jesus told his followers to follow him first and forsake all else, and spoke of individual freedom and conscience, not group salvation.

Vision Forum, Godly FamilySecond, Vision Forum lays out a one size fits all “formula” for the perfect godly family. This leads to frustration for those who don’t fit the mold and can have the effect of stifling and smothering all those involved. Jesus did not call his followers to adhere to man-made formulas, but rather to freedom in Christ. Formulas distract from trusting God and distract from diversity and individuality.

It is our contention that the “Biblical” principles laid out by Vision Forum are lists of man-made rules that do not accurately reflect Jesus’ gospel of freedom and love. It is time to expose these teachings for what they are. We encourage you to look at the information on this site with open eyes and not be led astray by the legalism and false vision of godliness set forth by Vision Forum.

Who We Are

Most of us have had personal experience with Vision Forum. Others of us have simply become alarmed by the the heresies Vision Forum promotes and the harm we have seen its teachings do to those around us. We live in different states across the country and hold no one set of beliefs, but we are united in our desire to reveal the problems with Vision Forum and its teachings.

Because we come from a variety of different walks of life and a variety of different beliefs, we do not have any one doctrinal creed. Most of us are Christian but some have left religion entirely. Similarly, we take no one position on proper gender roles. Some of us are egalitarians and others are complementarians. The goal of this website is not to endorse a specific set of beliefs but rather simply to disclose the myriad of problems we have found with Vision Forum and its teachings.

We think that the diversity of our experiences and perspectives is a strength rather than a weakness.


Vision Forum, ContactIf you know of any links, articles, or topics that should be added to this website or if you would like to write an article to be posted here, feel free to contact us!