An examination of Doug Phillips’ D-Day series, by blogger Incongruous Circumspection, originally published here. Please remember that while the contributors to this website are united in our belief that there are problems with the teachings of Vision Forum, we come from a variety of perspectives and this is just one of them.

I am most definitely not an historian.  I won’t ever pretend to be.  But I have read a lot about many subjects, especially World War 2.  During elementary, middle, and high school, I ate up every book on the subject I could get my hands on.  I love to talk about it too due to the innocence of the weaponry and the huge advances in technology that happened in those few short years.  The soldiers, part of the so-called “Greatest Generation”, who fought in the war, are very inspiring.

But, they inspire me for different reasons than Dougy Boy.

Recently, Doug has been so very excited, which is not an unusual occurrence for him, about his D-Day Series. Doug is especially pumped about Episode 3 of 7 where they examine, as he states, the “biblical leadership qualities” and awesome character of seven men and crappy qualities and horrid character of Hitler.  Of course, we can only assume that he will think highly of the Allied peeps and low of Hitler (I don’t dig his mustache either).

I have no issue with viewing Hitler as evil.  He was evil to the core and murderous to boot.  A scourge on our human history.

Frankly, I think the man became drunk with power, morphing into an overconfidence that caused him to err in the battle of D-Day.  History shows he didn’t wake up until very late in the day and nobody wanted to risk their neck to go in and do the job.  No Panzer divisions could move without his say-so, so the Allied forces were victorious before the hierarchical Germans got their act together against the semi-hierarchical opponent which succeeded mainly on the backs of individual heroic decisions.

But, Doug Phillips and his ilk don’t see a victorious battle without the need to spiritualize it.   Their favorite hierarchical structure is the military because people cannot question authority while wearing the uniform.  They look at Vietnam and say it was lost because the military authority structure crumbled and the populace did not give their leaders a rubber stamp which doomed the war to failure.  Then, they look at World War 2 and say things like, “World War 2 was the most theologically important war in the history of mankind, where the battle of D-Day waschief.”

I’m not sure why they skip battles like Peter cutting off the ear of the soldier where Jesus showed us how to love our enemies and heal their wounds.  Or even the battle of Jericho where we learn that walking around something seven times (God’s number, remember?) chanting, and then blowing trumpets and yelling at the end will guarantee us victory. Or the Revolutionary War where God’s chosen people, the Americans,became a free nation.  Or the Civil War where a stupid South dared toquestion the authority of God’s ordained government and was summarilysquashed.  And many more….

But, let’s examine the character of the leaders that they are going to worship in this series.  You will see that Doug Phillips and his organization revise real history to prove that all great men were godly men and had awesome character when in reality, they don’t fit the Vision Forum mold.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

  • Born into a very rich family who made their fortune in opium.
  • A Freemason.
  • Married Eleanor even though his mother vehemently opposed the wedding.
  • Had numerous affairs
  • Was offered a divorce by Eleanor so he could be with his mistress, but his mistress, being Catholic (gasp!), declined
  • Lived apart from his wife for much of his marriage and only used her for political expediency
  • Said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, but left out the fear of God.
  • Expanded
  • government exponentially (Doug Phillips’ father is the founder of the
  • Constitution Party which believes in VERY limited government.)
  • Ordered FBI and IRS investigations of his opponents

Dwight D. Eisenhower:

  • Stated that his greatest disappointment in life was not making the West Point baseball team rather than listing a sin or two.
  • Stated about himself that he was the most religious man he knew which was not humble.
  • Joined West Point even though his parents were against war.
  • Designed tank warfare that was heavily discouraged by his superiors
  • Expanded all of FDR’s government programs as well as creating even more government
  • Made many foreign policy blunders in the middle east (“Eisenhower Doctrine”)
  • Was a chain smoker
  • Castigated our military by warning against its undue influence in policy decisions
  • Was a moderate politically, eschewing the right wing of the Republican Party

Omar Bradley:

  • A Freemason
  • Was not homeschooled
  • Failed to properly coordinate battle plans with bombing forces, causing many casualties
  • Made serious mistakes in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest that cost tens of thousands of lives
  • Yelled at his superior, Eisenhower, when he was sidelined before the Battle of the Bulge, blaspheming the name of God
  • Relieved numerous lesser generals based solely on the fact that their command style disagreed with his

George S. Patton:

  • Had a foul mouth
  • Was physically abusive to soldiers when they didn’t meet his standards

(Note: Sorry.  George S. Patton is my idol.  I have his mouth and his wit. Though I don’t mind humor directed at myself, as he most definitely did not!)

Etc., etc….

After reading over some of the character of the men listed in the VF series, you see that the victory in the war had nothing to do with men of great character,  It had everything to do with men who knew their job and knew their job well.

In other words, Doug Phillips needs to refocus his views on World War 2, D-Day, and the men involved.  He needs to look at it practically instead of mystically, as he tries to make everything seem.  While he worships the very ground these generals and leaders walk on, they would be the very men where, if the chance to invite them to dinner ever presented itself, Dougy Boy would smugly turn them away based on his superior character and spiritual positioning.

All in all, more fluff with great scores from this loon and his ilk.  A new twist on old history to bring his subjects in line with his revisionist ideas.

When will people wake up and call him on it?