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Yesterday I happened upon a new blog, Vision Distortion, by a blogger who describes herself as a “college educated homeschool graduate” who is now a stay at home mom with plans to homeschool. Her blog has a purpose, as she explains in her bio: “many in the homeschool and Christian community seem to have veered off course into extreme fundamentalism, I hope to be a voice of reason and truth.”

Vision Distortion has posted several very helpful reviews of Vision Forum films and documentaries. I have added them to the Films and Products sections of this site, but thought I’d share them here as well, for your edification:

A review of the Botkins sisters’ film, “Return of the Daughters”

A review of Vision Forum film “Divided”

A review of Doug Phillips’ documentary, “League of Grateful Sons”

A review of the Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters DVD