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Blogger Wide White offers an informative post discussing “The cult of the Quiverfull / ATI / Vision Forum movement, Duggars and all.” He goes into depth about Vision Forum’s teachings and beliefs, and also discusses the involvement of Bill Gothard and Michael Pearl in this “movement.” He also spends a great deal of time addressing aspects of patriarchy and the belief that daughter’s role is not to become independent but rather to “make their fathers successful in every way,” as well as Vision Forum’s mandate to homeschool. He also addresses the “but they’re not all like that, there are plenty of happy functional families living that lifestyle” argument. Here are some excellent tidbits from this post:

My goal for my daughter should not be that she make me “successful in every way.” This is not a God-centered philosophy. This is a me-centered philosophy where everything in my home revolves around me and serves to glorify me. It’s so selfish and so wrong.

This is a movement that lives in constant fear of “the world.” Fear of God is supposed to reign supreme in the Christian’s life, but the movement doesn’t seem to believe that God is big enough to protect a child from the evils of the world if that child goes to public school. They’re afraid of what will happen to a 19-year-old who goes to a college 200 miles from home. They fear the direction a wife may go if she makes a decision without her husband’s express stamp of approval or does anything while out from under his watchful eye.