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Blogger defeating dragons recently posted on Vision Forum’s Beautiful Girlhood and All American Boyhood Catalogs. Below are some excerpts:

I have always had issues with the Vision Forum catalog even before I knew it was it’s own movement.

Let’s see, in the Beautiful Girlhood section we have: Dolls. Doll clothes. Clothes that match the doll clothes. Doll tea sets. Dollhouses. Doll furniture. Sew-your-own doll clothes. Paper dolls. Elsie Dinsmore novels. (Nauseating books about a little girl who can’t think for herself and faints in horror because her father asks her to play a piece of classical music that was not a hymn on a Sunday. Needless to say, I only read the first one.) SOME OF US outgrew dolls at eight, thank you, and are uninterested in books such as What Our Father Taught Us About Boys.

What do the boys get?

Fencing swords, bows and arrows, uber-awesome night vision glasses, binoculars, three-man water balloon slingshots,  (I’m drooling here) different KINDS of fencing swords, zip lines, marshmallow guns, How To Stay Alive in the Woods…. the list goes on and on.

And then there is this gem:

Now, try and think of something you know about girls and women that is not “They can have children” and “They like pretty things/are pretty”.