Blogger Against the Current wrote an interesting post on Vision Forum’s books for girls today. Here is an excerpt:

I was browsing through Vision Forum’s devotionals catalogue for girls and noticed that a good portion of them were related to “character”.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but I wondered if law and gospel is being presented in these books.  …  The fiction books seemed to teach moral lessons and the womanhood preparation books taught on subjects like modesty, motherhood, father-daughter relationships, and how to be a godly daughter.  So I wondered where the books are on Christian doctrine and spiritual growth were.  I searched the website but came up with many more books on womanhood, how to be a godly daughter, and only a few that were what I would call “meaty” doctrinally.  …  Overall, the products were more focused on godly womanhood and character than on anything else.  That concerns me since the Christian faith is much more than godly womanhood (or manhood).