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The internet is abuzz with news of Doug Phillips’ resignation from Vision Forum Ministries.  Our investigation into Phillips began over five years ago (before we launched TWW).  Dee and I were greatly concerned about the harm that was being done within the patriarchy movement, and whenever we would do research Doug Phillips’ name would usually show up.

I was particularly interested in investigating him because of my stint of homeschooling.  In the mid 1990s I began teaching my young daughters at home, and I attended our state homeschooling conference three years in a row.  The last year I went (1998), Doug Phillips was the keynote speaker.  I had never heard of him, but I remember his message being patriotic and pro-family, which I found extremely appealing.  It was later that same year that Doug Phillips began Vision Forum, Inc. — not to be confused with Vision Forum Ministries, which was subsequently established.

The About Vision Forum page states:

While the family is under attack from every side today, God’s sufficient Word provides clear direction and hope to rebuild the family, and it is our goal at Vision Forum to promote courageous fatherhood, noble motherhood, virtuous boyhood and girlhood through vision-casting discipleship tools that teach, equip, and inspire. Whether you are a father who desires to better lead your family, a homeschooling mother who is looking for Biblically-based curriculum choices, or a grandparent, child or young person who desires encouragement in your Christian walk, we have something for you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with homeschooling, the bookstores at the annual conferences are BIG BUSINESS.  Vendors of homeschooling curriculums and other items rent space and set up shop for several days.  Lots and lots of books and merchandise are purchased by homeschooling families.  Some of the vendors also have catalog businesses, like that of Vision Forum, so homeschooling families can purchase items throughout the year.  I used to receive the Vision Forum catalog in the mail on a regular basis, even after I stopped homeschooling.  With the internet age, these vendors can market their merchandise online.  Here is the Vision Forum, Inc. website.  This is perhaps one of the primary ways that Phillips has been supporting his family for the last fifteen years.

With that background information out of the way, we want to share our concerns about Doug Phillips’ sudden announcement (included in its entirety at the end of the post).  Ever since we heard the news, we have been experiencing the Wartburg Tingle, which we liken to our sixth sense.

Why has Doug Phillips extricated himself from Vision Forum Ministries at this moment in time?  We are suspicious that there may be so much more © to this story.

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