In Doug Phillips’ Church

Jennifer Epstein spent some time in Doug Phillips’ church, Boerne Christian Assembly. Jen shares her experience on her blog, Jen’s Gems. She published her story in twelve parts.

Part 1: The Search for the Perfect Church

Part 2: Doug Phillips: Muzzling Women

Part 3: Doug Phillips Kangaroo Court Cancels Communion

Part 4: Doug Phillips in the Eye of the Storm

Part 5: Doug Phillips Refuses to Protect Women and Children

Part 6: Doug Phillips: “You’re Going to Pay for This”

Part 7: Doug Phillips’ Political Payback

Part 8: Doug Phillips Excommunicates by Star Chamber

Part 9: Doug Phillips Ends Friendship Rather Than Admit Excommunication Error

Part 10: Doug Phillips Threatens to Sue Us

Part 11: Doug Phillips’ Stubborn Silence

Part 12: Jen Epstein Responds to Doug Phillips / BCA Statement