Helpful Websites

No Longer Quivering: Stories of women who have left the teachings of Vision Forum and other organizations that teach Christian Patriarchy or Quiverfull beliefs.

Quivering Daughters: Help and healing for daughters who have left the teachings of Vision Forum and other organizations who teach Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull beliefs.

Under Much Grace: A website geared toward providing help and healing for victims of all types of spiritual abuse, and to revealing and refuting cultic teachings.

The Commandments of Men: Harsh attacks on Christian Patriarchy beliefs by a Christian man who was harmed by these teachings.

Recovering Grace: Young adults who grew up on the teachings of Bill Gothard and ATI share the problems with Gothard’s legalistic teachings and his overlooking of the importance of Grace.

Overcoming Botkin Syndrome: Help and healing for those caught in the destructive Vision Forum teachings about the relationships between fathers and daughters.

Jen’s Gems: Insight into Doug Phillips and Vision Forum from a woman who once attended Dough Phillips’ church.

Why Not Train A Child: Information on the destructive nature of the child training methods taught by Michael and Debi Pearl and Vision Forum.

A Quiver Full of Information: Information about the Quiverfull movement, Christian Patriarchy, and various aspects of Vision Forum’s teachings presented in an unbiased fashion.

Midwest Christian Outreach: A Christian ministry aimed at combating the influence of cults in Christianity, especially those promoting extrabiblical legalism such as Vision Forum and Bill Gothard’s Institute for Basic Life Principles.