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Vision Forum offers an array of lovely and appealing products and books. Many of these (coin collecting kids, wrist rockets, etc) are harmless, but we believe that others, both products and books, send highly problematic messages both to families and to children. As an example, many of the out of print books that Vision Forum reprints, promising that they will “lead children back to Christ,” contain both racism and unhealthy role models.

Vision Forum, Products, Elsie DinsmoreMartha Finley’s Elsie Dinsmore books are fraught with problems, as blogger Vision Distortion details. Originally posted here.

Blogger Chandra Bernet explains the problems with taking Elsie Dinsmore as a role model, and what she calls “Elsie Culture” and the heartache it produces. Originally posted here.

Martha Finley’s portrayal of Elsie Dinsmore’s relationship with her father borders on erotic, as an review explains.Vision Forum, Products, G.A. Henty

G.A. Henty’s books were written as a tool of British Imperialism, and are both formulaic and frequently racist.

G.A. Henty’s books contain blatant racism, blogger Elaine of Racist Churches reveals.

R.M. Ballantyne’s books also contain overt racism, explains blogger Elaine of Racist Churches.

Vision Forum, Products, Training Dominon Oriented DaughtersClick here to read a frank review of the Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters DVD, offered by blogger Vision Distortions. Originally posted here