Affiliated People, Organizations, and Ideas

The following entry is copied directly from Who is Affiliated With Vision Forum?, a list maintained by Hermana Linda of Why Not Train A Child? This list was originally compiled by Barefoot Betsy from a thread at GCM. Many thanks to all those involved for your hard work!

Individuals affiliated with Vision Forum and/or Patriarchy:

RC Sproul Jr. (I don’t think his father is, but Jr. definitely is and Jr. was defrocked several years ago too by his Presbytery)

Doug Wilson – Promotes the Multigenerational Faithfulness ideas

Doug Phillips (of course – he’s in charge of VF)

Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin – Very high up in VF

Elizabeth and Anna Sofia Botkin (Geoff and Victoria’s daughters)

Scott Brown – involved with the NCFIC, you can read his blog posts on their website, he was rebuked at Trinity Baptist Church in NC for abuse of spiritual authority in July of 2006

Philip Lancaster – Wrote Family Man, Family Leader which is promoted heavily on VF’s website (and was published by them as well)

Jennie Chancey – promotes VF on her blog

Voddie Baucham – speaks at VF events and in their videos

Jasmine Baucham (Voddie’s daughter)

James and Stacy McDonald (used to own Homeschooling Today magazine)

The Duggars (affiliated with both VF and Gothard)

Bill Gothard – there are quite a few overlaps between his followers and VF followers and they get funding from the same people

Ron and Joyce Fuhrman – Worked with Bill Gothard.

Michael Farris – Founded both the HSLDA and Patrick Henry College

Charles Provan – wrote The Bible and Birth Control which is used to validate the Quiverful doctrine by VF – this is Provan’s only connection to VF as far as I know

Gary Bauer – Dominionist

Jonathan Lindvall – teaches that even a child’s thoughts and feelings should be under submission to their father

Nancy Campbell – founder of Above Rubies magazine, has her books published through VF

Peter Bradrick – used to be the executive assistant to Doug Phillips, now is the operations manager for the NCFIC (see below)

Organizations, websites, and blogs affiliated with Vision Forum and/or Patriarchy:

Visionary Womanhood – blog

Ladies Against Feminism – blog

National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC) – organization founded by Doug Phillips to further his ideals of “Biblical Patriarchy” in churches
Constitution Party – political party


Patrick Henry College (given $ by the same people who give Gothard, VF, and HSLDA $)

The Homeschool Leadership Summit (2009)

Hobby Lobby – crafting store which is affiliated with Gothard (TestifyToLove found this out a couple months ago).
Institute for Creation Research – Work together and are very friendly

Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) – Started by Bill Gothard and/or his followers

ATI (Advanced Training Institute) – Started by Bill Gothard and/or his followers

Above Rubies – Promotes VF ideals such as Quiverful and women’s “true” Godly calling being that of staying at home and raising children and being a help-meet to their husbands

Ideas/doctrine affiliated with Vision Forum and/or Patriarchy:

Multigenerational Faithfulness

Stay at home Daughters – it is a sin for daughters to not be under their father or brother’s headship at all times – no college, no living on their own

Patriocentricity (they call it “Biblical Patriarchy”) – the wife and children exist to glorify God through facilitating the husband/father’s “vision” in whatever way the patriarch wants them to.

Quiverful – the use of any sort of BC to space or limit children is sinful and a sign of a lack of faith

Transfer of Authority – When ownership of a daughter passes from her father to her new husband

Covenental Homeschooling – not educating your own children at home is a sin

Isolating children from the sinful world – part of the reason for homeschooling

Dominionism – the idea that Christians should control secular government through political action

Vision Forum also pays homage to several racist folks who are no longer alive such as Robert Louis Dabney and RJ Rushdoony.

Many homeschooling conferences are affiliated with VF now – I don’t know which ones, but VF and their affiliates were instrumental in banning certain curricula from the big homeschooling conferences. Sonlight is one of the curricula that was banned from several conferences and if you google “Sonlight banned” you’ll find more information about this.

To sum up: VF has their fingers in many pies and their influence is creeping more mainstream all the time, from what I (and others) have noticed. I’ve had several friends get heavily involved in the heresies which VF promotes. It’s so important to be vigilant with this issue! None of us here are any better or smarter than those who have become heavily entrenched in these beliefs. I can tell you that my friends who got involved in this stuff were very smart people, strong believers

I’m sure there are many more people associated with VF than I know of. Be vigilant and aware! I’m not one to throw the “c” word around much, but I do, with completely certainty, believe that Vision Forum is a cult.

VF’s beliefs are extra-Biblical in origin, they call for isolation – especially of girls and young women who often receive sub-high school education as well since their purpose is to grow up and have babies and who aren’t allowed to leave the home until they are married – and people are ostracized when they reject the teachings. Fathers are given all the power and women and children are marginalized which sets up a potentially abusive environment