Vision Forum on Daughters

Fathers and Daughters

Daughters Shaving Daddies? I Wish I Were Making This Up, by blogger Commandments of Men. Originally published here.

Daddy’s Girls in Vision Forum, by blogger Angie the Anti-Theist. Originally published here.


Daughters and their Role

Losing Your Life, by Ingrid of Semper Eadem. Originally published here. (Ingrid points out that the teachings of Vision Forum urge daughters to follow their fathers rather than Jesus, replacing God with man)

On Women and “Protection,” by blogger Darcy of Darcy’s Heart Stirrings. Originally published here. (Darcy critiques the argument that women can’t hold jobs or go to college because they need “protection”)

Why I Wish I Went to College, by blogger Young Mom of Permission to Live. Originally published here. (Young Mom describes her life as a stay at home daughter and then as a young mother, and explains why she wishes she had gone to college)

Just Try Harder and Do Better, by Darcy of Darcy’s Heart Stirrings. Originally published here. (Darcy critiques the Botkin sisters’ view that unmarried women are somehow failures)

Not Just A Baby Machine, by blogger A Ministry of Tea. (The author speaks of the importance of higher education and college in preparing a girl for future motherhood)


So Much More, by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkins

So Much More…Than What God Requires? by blogger Charity Grace

A Podcast Review of the Botkins’ So Much More, by Cindy of Overcoming Botkin Syndrome


Vision Forum Film “Return of the Daughters”

A review of the Botkins sisters’ film, “Return of the Daughters,” by blogger Vision Distortion. Originally published here.


The Disturbing “Return of the Daughters,” by blogger Cindy of Under Much Grace. Originally posted here.


Stay At Home Daughters in the News

Creepy Christian Patriarchy Movement Shackles Daughters to their Fathers and Homes, on Hello Beautiful

The Women of the “Stay At Home Daughters Movement”, on Jezebel

House Proud: The Troubling Rise of Stay At Home Daughters, in Bitch Magazine