Who We Are

Most of us have had personal experience with Vision Forum. Others of us have simply become alarmed by the the heresies Vision Forum promotes and the harm we have seen its teachings do to those around us. We live in different states across the country and hold no one set of beliefs, but we are united in our desire to reveal the problems with Vision Forum and its teachings.

Because we come from a variety of different walks of life and a variety of different beliefs, we do not have any one doctrinal creed. Most of us are Christian but some have left religion entirely. Similarly, we take no one position on proper gender roles. Some of us are egalitarians and others are complementarians. The goal of this website is not to endorse a specific set of beliefs but rather simply to disclose the myriad of problems we have found with Vision Forum and its teachings.

We think that the diversity of our experiences and perspectives is a strength rather than a weakness.

If you have any links or articles to suggest or would like to contribute yourself, please feel free to contact us.